iletha is rooted in bringing you tech driven solution. Founded, the iletha is offering a suite of more than 4 services. As we continue to grow as a leading tech company serving everyday solutions for millions of users across Southern Africa, our passion for problem-solving grows.

This journey builds on our ever-present dedication to creating seamless experiences for users, and providing the socio-economy impact for millions of our partners (drivers and merchants).

Our logo symbolizes iLetha journey in bringing tech to you  and becoming the largest Super App with three platforms: consumer, driver, and merchant applications, with a variety of smart ways to eliminate hassles.

We believe that with iletha, and with continuous technological innovations, we got you in  solving everyday problems and affect positive social impact.

iLetha parcel

You can send a parcel anywhere in the country we will deliver it. At iLetha We got u. And we promise the following to you:

Speedy delivery

  • You can stay productive while we pick up and drop off your package, all within hours!


  • Keep track of your package’s location and driver, real-time.


  • Send your package anytime, really. Our service is available 24/7.


  • In addition to being a fast and reliable shipping service, we also ensure security by providing insurance on every item.

ILetha Health

One-stop digitized solution for your healthcare needs. Bringing patients, doctors and pharmacy together by providing digitized services provided by real doctors and trusted health institutions from around the country.  

Digi Consult

  • Choose your nearest doctor to consult with instantly


  • Buy meds and request delivery of your free medication instantly…delivered within 60min

Why ILetha health?

  • Instantly connect with experienced doctors nearby you
  • Chat with experienced and verified doctors with a wide selection of general practitioners and specialists throughout The country
  • Book appointments and get medicine delivered at home
  • Access services from reputable hospitals and pharmacies without leaving your house
  • Get your schedule meds delivered to your door every-time

ILetha load

Ready in an instant bakkies and trucks nearby you. Request a pickup bakkie or a truck right away. You can request that load anything and move everywhere, our service is based on your load tonnage.

Why ILetha load

  • Great and fair pricing
  • A simple pricing scheme based on vehicle type, tonnage and shipping distance.

Live tracking

  • Ship your items and track the vehicle location real-time.

No max. distance or load

  • Shipping items can be more than 100 KM in ILetha load service area

Safe and insured

  • All drivers and vehicles have passed security and background checks. Your items will be insured (by clicking on the desired insurance type)

ILetha services

Request your specialist service, we provide both professional and domestic service: nanny, cleaner, plumber, electrician, in-house tutors and many more.

Why ILetha services?

Great and fair pricing

  • All prices are based on service requests and experience of the providers

Track providers

  • Once your request has been made you can track the service provider on your app.

Service guarantee

  • You can rate the service providers and receive instant feedback and all service providers will provide customer guarantee.