About Us


14 Eglin Rd, Sunninghill




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iLetha is a 100% Black owned and managed company that provides a leading specialised delivery platform and digitally-led business solutions that assist clients across targeted industries to improve their customer experience by delivering goods, parcel, food, documents to the doorstep of our client/ customers on time.
The company identified a need for a platform that makes the process of delivery safe, painless and effortless. We value the need for safe, convenient, professional and reliable delivery services.

Growth Opportunities

The company has a large database of screened and vetted drivers which was identified
from an unemployment database.
We have a deep sector knowledge and experience in scooter delivery market. Currently
have 275 delivery scooters managed through our well-developed digital platform which
has the capacity to deliver 8 250 0rders per day.
Our aim is to change how delivery services are managed in South Africa by introducing
training programmes which will equip our drivers with customer service skills and good
driving skills in order to reduce accidents on our roads.
ILetha will be able to service over 25000 orders per day and we will have over 775,
trained and licenced South African scooter drivers, with headquarters in Johannesburg,
South Africa, and regional offices in Durban and Cape Town.
We are able to service Gauteng, Western Cape, Mpumalanga, Kwa-Zulu Natal and