• Click on the hamburger menu on the top left corner of the screen.
  • Click on Address book, Add your current address. Adding your current location helps you locate our nearest restaurant to you.
  • Go back to home screen, choose between Delivery or in store collection, click on your nearest restaurant of your choice, Click on “Order online”


Choose your variant from the list.

Make your choice between, Meals, Meat only. Weigh Your Meat or Starch and Sides.

Let us use Meals for example.

  • Let us take Braai Share 7, if you are convinced it is the meal you want, click “Add+” bottom right corner then make your selection, guided by the quantity of each choice, when done “Add to Cart” If you want to add anything else, you go back to the Variant list and repeat the above process.
  • Click on “Checkout”


  • Choose between Delivery, to your address below which has to be your current address or In store collection, if you can collect your meal in the restaurant that you ordered from.
  • Double check your order, if anything is missing click on “edit”, it will take you back to the specific order that you need to edit.
  • Click in “proceed to payment”


  • Check your BILL summary and Tips if you willing to give out one
  • Check if there are any public promos / you have one that needs to be added, click on “Add a promo/ referral Code”
  • Choose payment method between “Cash and Pay via peach (Card payment, add card)
  • Swipe the “Pay” Button from left to right to pay
  • Your order will be then placed and ready for collection or delivery when it is ready.

The iLetha system gives merchants 15 minutes max to accept an order, if an order is not accepted within 15 minutes that order is automatically cancelled. Should it happen that a customer paid online via card (Peach), the system will automatically refund the customer and it may take up to 7 working days for money to clear back into your account depending on which day of the week it is and what time it is, should your money not clear back into your account within 7 days please email info@iletha.co.za with “Payment” as a subject and one of our agents will get back to you.

All registered merchants/restaurants have different time for preparation and delivery time but iLetha strives to deliver an order within +- 45 minutes depending on what the customer ordered, how long it will take to prepare. Please do bear with our drivers during rainy weathers as it becomes a little bit harder to drive through the rain, should that be the case, an iLetha agent will keep communication with the customer.

All registered iLetha merchants deliver within 5-8km radius depending on the location of the restaurant and how many similar restaurants are registered under iLetha in that area, if there is only one iLetha restaurant in a area, the maximum KM radius is 8Km, we urge customers to try and make use of online payments in that case, only when the driver gets to you and you are satisfied with your food to avoid having to give the driver cash to return it to the store or whatsoever circumstances.

To lodge a complaint or compliment, simply head over to our contact us page and choose a subject whether “complaint” and click send, emails are separated due to the subjects that customers choose before sending an email.

iLetha offers different types of payment options for better user experience, Peach is a form of a card payment and same goes for PayFast. Customers always have the option of paying on delivery via card if they wish to, in that case, an iLetha agent will contact you immediately when the driver gets to your designated location, before the food handover, a payment link will be sent to the customer and once payment is cleared, driver will release the food, we advise of this payment option for contactless payment options and delivery.

Peach Payments is a South African payment gateway that allows merchants to access to all relevant payment methods, including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, mobile wallets, electronic wallets and mobile operator billing to help them succeed in the emerging markets.

  • Peach Payments
  • PayFast
  • Pay On Delivery
  • Wallet

iLetha respects customer privacy and it does not save any cards on the system unless the customer gives the consent to and it does not share any of the customer information with any third party, please refer to our T’s & C’s and Privacy Policy.