A full-stack digital marketing & I.T Company

In the realm of IT solutions and support, is a trailblazer. With a young dynamic team. Our IT Solutions Department is the driving force behind seamless technological integration, from creating robust websites to implementing comprehensive delivery and inventory tracking systems, we do it all. We’ve successfully engineered solutions for renowned clients like Braai Block Restaurants, Industrial Butcher, iLetha Academy, and Enaleni Group. With a proven track record, our team ensures that your business operates on the cutting edge of efficiency and innovation.

interns working together on a project

what makes us different

the codes we live by

creativity & Innovation

We pride ourselves on being a young team. Investing in young talent, lead by leaders in the industry.

integrity & trust

We, integrity and trust form the cornerstone of our approach. We pride ourselves on depending on IT and marketing solutions with unwavering integrity, building trust that stands the test of time.

brand-first Approach

We champion your brand and “brand first ” approach. Our dedicated team seamlessly integrates IT prowess and strategic marketing.

love digital

We love what we do and love that we can do it for you. We see the digital realm as our play ground, so come play with us.

going the extra mile

At iLetha, we go the extra mile in every byte and campaign. Elevate yor business with our dedicated team, commited to exceeding expectations in IT solutions and marketing strategies; because going beyond is not just a journey, its a standard


Fuelling success through dynamic collaborations! At, we believe in the power of partnership. Our expert team collaborates seamlessly, merging IT prowess with creative marketing strategies. Together, lets elevate your brand to new heights through innovative and synergistic solutions